Upcoming Events

Lecture Demonstration


  • Aug 31 –Sripuram golden temple Vellore .
  • October13 to 19- lecture -performance for college and school students in Gurudaspur Punjab organised by govt of India
  • December 2-, Mylapore fine arts club chennai
  • December 22-Narada gana saba chennai
  • January 20 2013 Parthasarathy swami Saba chennai
  • Jan 8 2013 ,7.30 pm - kartik fine arts Narada gana saba mini hall
Upcoming Programs
  • AUGUST 11 2014 ,7 pm - Inaugural performance at the Narada gana sabha annual festival at Karur .

  • November 29th 2014 - 4pm - doing nattuvangam for Kum Adyashree Prakriti at Pushpanjali Cultural Trust,The Mylapore fine Arts Club, Chennai.

  • December 2nd 2014 -5.45pm - doing nattuvangam for disciple Ms Anvitha Mohankumar at The Mylapore fine arts club,Chennai.

  • December 4th 2014 - 7pm at Bharath Kalachar ,Chennai.

  • December 7th 2014 – 5.45pm The Mylapore fine arts Club, Chennai.

  • December 14th 2014 – 6pm Meenakshi Sundarajan Fine Arts Acedemy, Chennai.

  • December 23 4pm - doing nattuvangam for disciple Ms Anvitha Mohankumar at Krishna gana sabha Kamakoti hall .

  • January 7th 2015 – 6pm Brahma Gana sabha, Chennai.

    Pandanallur School of Arts

    Since 2005 Pandanallur School of Arts is dynamically training students in the Traditional Pandanallur style of Bharatanatyam in Chennai and Dubai. Performed Maiden Arangetram in 2008 in the august presence of Sri Guruvayur Durai, Smt Nandini Ramani, Smt Meenakshi Chittaranjan and Smt Maduvanthi Arun .The school‘s impeccable work has attracted many students from abroad for advance training and crash courses. School conducts workshops and demonstrations’ in Bharatanatyam.

    Pandanallur School of Arts takes the privilege of honoring senior artist who has extensively contributed to the artistic field. With the blessings of the cosmic lord Nartraja will carry the art form to the next generation of artist and achieve excellence.

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